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In my office in Århus, 1997 Backpacking in Lapland, 1989

Welcome to my homepage!

My little corner of the web is called "Mirkwood" and is a little two-CPU Dell, Precision, PC, running Linux. This was not a change made lightly, since I, up till now, have been using RISC-based work-stations, from HP, SGI and SUN. It is working pretty well, but it is so much more work to be your own system administrator...

This computer sits on a desk in an office on the first floor of the Duffield-building of the Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics (RSAA) of the Australian National University. From my desk, I have a great panoramic view of the mountains towards the west, the Brindebellas.

The RSAA is housed in the Mount Stromlo Observatory, which was a really nice observatory, with 6 telescopes in various sizes and for various purposes. The observatory was actually in place before they even thought about setting up a capitol, Canberra (which means [meeting-place] in the local aboriginal language) in 1929. Canberra now has a population of about 296.000, increasing the threat from light-pollution.

On January 18, 2003, around 14:15, this threat of light-pollution was turned obsolete as the whole observatory burnt down in the most catastrophic bush-fire on record. The office buildings survived, though, together with the house we now live in (House 18) and two other residential houses. The fate of these buildings was determined partly by chance, partly by the heroic fireman-ship of Marc Bacon, living across the street from us. We didn't move in until the following November, though, and have only seen pictures of the place before the fire.

Personal data:

       Name: Regner Trampedach
      Title: PhD in astronomy and astrophysics

       Work: Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
             Australian National University
			 Cotter Rd., Weston, ACT 2611
      Phone: +61 (0)2 6125 0944
        Fax: +61 (0)2 6125 0944

       Born: Oct. 18, 1970.
       Wife: Charlotte Mari Mudar
   Children: Nay

Job description:

I finished my candidacy from the Institute of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Aarhus, in August 1997, with a master thesis on Convection in Stellar Atmospheres. The birth of my thesis was professionally assisted by Jørgen Christensen-Dalsgaard, and Åke Nordlund helped from a safe distance - when I didn't suddenly show up on the doorsteps of the Astronomical Observatory in Copenhagen with my backpack, looking for a place to work...

I finished my Ph.D. thesis as a Christmas present to myself, handing it in at 4pm on Dec. 24th, 2003. It is called " Accurate Simulations of Convection in Stellar Atmospheres" and was expertly supervised by Robert F. Stein, at the department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University (MSU)

My research concentrates on two main topics:

  • Convection - the transport of energy by turbulent motions of gas. The goal of my current three-year post doc. position, is to construct a grid of convection simulations of stellar atmospheres, in a manner similar to the present grids of 1D stellar atmosphere models. This work is in collaboration with Martin Asplund, Mike Bessel and John Norris, here at Mt. Stromlo.
  • The equation of state (EOS) describing the relationship between temperature, pressure and density in a plasma. The most interesting parts of my EOS work, is done in collaboration with Werner Däppen at the University of Southern California (USC).
  • In 2000-2001 I worked at Abrams Planetarium, giving shows for school-groups during the week and for the public on weekends. The heart of the planetarium is a DigiStar II projector, which means we can do all kinds of fun graphics; Travel among the stars, display galaxies, see proper motion during the next 20,000 years or make a space-shuttle fly across the dome. - It's great fun!

    In the fall of 1998 and the spring of 1999, I taught an astronomy lab course for non-science majors, called ISP205L. The slightly more descriptive name for this "Integrative Studies in Physical science"-course is "Visions of the Universe". You can judge the kind of visions my fall-students got, on my page of Best Blunders.

    I have also been a brevkasse-redaktør on the Astrogym-server, in case you should have any questions about or problems with the Sun. But those pages are kept strictly in danish :-)

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