HELAS Outreach in Aarhus

This page provides links to material related to the HELAS outreach effort. This will be used as source material in the setting up of the official HELAS pages.

The HELAS web page.

The official web page for HELAS has been set up by Markus Roth and is available at http://www.helas-eu.org (the final location) and http://helas.kis.uni-freiburg.de/ (the KIS site). In the longer run, of course, all material will be established at the official address, as organized by the IAC.

Background on HELAS outreach

We have prepared a discussion of the HELAS outreach activities, including a number of questions which we need to consider in preparing these activities. This was written as a background for the meeting 14 - 16 June 2006, but remains a useful discussion. For your convenience, we also include the relevant section from the HELAS Description of Work.

HELAS Brochure

An important part of our tasks at the meeting was to discuss material describing HELAS to a broader community. As a result, the Porto group has prepared a brochure, which has been distributed at a number of international meetings already, as well as a shorter leaflet, with a summary of the relevant information.

Outreach material

As part of the preparation for the June 2006 meeting I made a collection of outreach material, to provide examples of what is already available. Needless to say, this will have to be evaluated and organized as part of the HELAS outreach effort. Please let me know if you have additional material that should be included.

Outreach meeting, 14 - 16 June 2006

The meeting has as purpose to initiate the discussion of the HELAS outreach efforts and to get an idea about the resources and plans at the individual HELAS nodes. The following material is avaliable:

Material on CoRoT

In connection with the launch of CoRoT on 27 December 2006 Torben Arentoft, with the help of Pierre-Olivier Quirion, collected material on CoRoT, including animations etc. Comments on this material should be addressed to Torben, at toar@phys.au.dk.

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